(Italy, 2015 - 40')



SYNOPSIS Count Karl Ulysses von Salis-Marschlins (1728-1800) was a Swiss botanist and naturalist. He travelled widely observing and studying the lands he visited. In 1789 he travelled in the Kingdom of Naples. On returning home, he wrote a book about it. Here is how he described his visit to the “Casino del Duca” at San Basilio, the largest estate of Apulia, South Italy. “Anapeson” are these places, now, sleepless and abandoned within the distracted modernity. The History as ruins.


DIRECTOR’S NOTE This is a documentary about “Casino of the Duke”, an ancient palace-castle-farm located in San Basilio, its appliances and its history: this place has been for more than two millennia the center of life of an entire region, as well as the focal point of the most important estate of Puglia and of South Italy. And today is nothing, disfigured, destroyed and forgotten. But this movie is, above all, about Time and History, as bequest and ruins. Through the story of the XVIII century’s Swiss traveler, we live the contrast between the glorious past and the present degradation, of a modernity distracted and overwhelmed by the ugliness. History as vestiges and as death.



Direction Francesco Dongiovanni

Written by Marco Cardetta, Francesco Dongiovanni

Voice and body Salvatore Marci

Camera and Photography Vincenzo Pastore

Editing Francesco Dongiovanni

Chief lighting technician Filippo Losacco

Sound designer Salah Addin Roberto Re David

Sound designer assistant Graziano Cammisa

Music Pino Basile

Executive producer Marco Cardetta

Production coordinator Rosario Milano

Produced by APULIA FILM COMMISSION (RUP – Cristina Piscitelli; Project Manager – Giovanni Antelmi; Delegate producer – Massimo Modugno)

Executive production Murex production

Distribution The Open Reel

Still photographer Graziano Milano

Text from “Viaggio nel Regno di Napoli” (1793) di CARL ULYSSES VON SALIS-MARSCHLINS




MedFilm Festival | Rome | IT

Cast Film Fest | Castellaneta | IT

American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund | Palm Springs | USA


Filmmaker Festival | Milan | IT

Torino Film Festival | Turin | IT